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Such a good product to use. Good smell, easy to use, skin feels great after it and no shaving rash. Quality!!

Native man trio

Brought this for my man to use. Love the smell and love the packaging. He is yet to use it but very happy with it.

Outstanding products

Outstanding products I hope you would make some more product if it’s stable to.


The best lotion I've ever used so far!

Great comb

This wooden comb is great.It is much better than plastic combs i have used, it does not rip hair out off my scalp like plastic combs do,it is perfectly sized so it always fits in my pockets and it is not too pricey taking in account it will probably last my many years to come.

Fantastic Products!

The Natural Citrus Hair & Body Shampoo smells amazing, is great for my skin, and is an exceptional product. I usually have problems with occasional acne, but those problems have disappeared since using Native Man products. Along with the Perfect Duo products, I think I'll be committed to Native Man for a long time!


Bought it for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It also smells good on him too. Thank you. Very pleased.

Native Man products

Researched and bought these for my husband 2 years ago as he was needing skin care products free of harsh chemicals. He thinks these are great! And we are happy to support young Australian entrepreneurs too rather than overseas multinationals.

Would totally recommend it!

Not the BEST photos haha but five stars for Native Man!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I use their moisturiser too.

Before @ after my shave! Would totally recommend. Not gonna lie, I 100% hate shaving. This stuff makes it bearable lol.

Thanks for amazing products guys!

Best minimalist skincare range

Top products and best of all that it is all natural. The 2 in 1 aspect is not just a gimmick, The face wash is just as good for shaving as it is for cleansing. Beautiful beard/hair comb also as an extra! Hope for some new products soon!!

Great products at quick delivery

This is my first purchase from these guys. Ordered on Sunday and received them on Wednesday, which I’m quite surprised with! Packaging looks good, tried using the cream this morning and it feels so fresh on the skin. Excited to use them again tonight!

Over All Good But Could Be Better

Over all, I’d have to say the product is very good but there could be some slight improvements. The smell straight from the bottle could be stronger. It does intensify when lathering up but could still be a bit stronger smell. I also noticed that the product has a bit of a chemical smell to it when the scent intensifies when lathering. Would be nice to have truer espresso/coffee smell. Nonetheless, would probably buy again and will definitely use the rest of the bottle.

My boyfriend loves it.

Got this for my bf's birthday as he was talking about wanting to start skin care. He loves it! The products are nicely packaged, and he said he loves how natural they felt.

Love their smell!

Really love the smell of this shampoo! It's very refreshing - you can tell the difference from other cheap body wash that uses perfume, this ones makes me feel happy every time I use it!

Great products

I have this item as a gift and the person was absolutely delighted with the quality of the products.

So good

Amazing. Use it ALL the time. Thank you!

The products are amazing for

The products are amazing for my skin, but 1 week after I purchased them they dropped their prices significantly... Is the quality the same? The lids/packaging seem like much cheaper quality...Are the products inside still good quality?

Hi Joseph, we are so happy to hear that the products are working for your skin! As our business grows rapidly in the last few months, we are able to negotiate better pricing on the raw ingredients with our suppliers. As a result, we managed to made the products even more affordable than before. Rest be assured, the products are the exact same high quality products as before! Kind regards, Anderson
Beautiful pack!

Nice products and feels good. Small packages, with less caliber so you have to use it careful.

An excellent buy

This is my 3nd order of the Complete Duo Pack. It is one of the best facial wash that I've tried. I have used this in combination with my other facial scrub. I have achieved the results I have been looking for, my wife even notices the difference in my skin. As with their other products, a little goes a long way. One bottle will last about almost 3 months pending on how much is used.

Good quality product. Everything you need...

The best face wash and moisturizers on earth. I have been using this product since 2017 they are addictive. The moisturizer helped me with my dry skin.

Insane value for the price!!! Thank you!!!!

I never knew how bad my usual moisturizer was until I tried Native Man! Every product is just the best! I'm especially in love with the face wash! My skin feels so supple and free of impurities!

Perfect for my needs.

My skin feels better than ever after using this duo. I used to have really oily skin but now It looks and feels very clear.

Awesome results.

My face looks and feels better than it ever has.

My face started getting smooth this product is amazing

Excellent! Very simple system for men and works great.

Skin feels fresh and renewed after application.

Looks much more hydrated and I’ve noticed decreased puffiness under my eyes with the moisturiser application.