The EASIEST men's skincare on earth.

Wash, shave, repair & moisturise in literally 2 steps, 2 minutes.

Native Man's ultra-convenient pair is formulated as special 2-in-1 products so you can simplify your skin care routine, making life easier for you.

That’s right—only two products will complete your face wash, shave, repair and moisturize, leaving you beautiful in the burliest way.


Formulated by two Melbourne pharmacists, Native Man is the ultimate skincare solution for men who are after products that can be easily incorporated into their busy lifestyle, yet are natural & potent enough for everyday use.

Complete your men's skin care routine in only 2 steps - allowing you to spend more time living your life to the fullest!

I really dig the nice smell of both the moisturiser and the facewash. So far they feel great on my skin and I think I'm now a fan!

Mohd. A

Absolutely love it. I'm a recent convert to this product and couldn't be happier.

Craig S.

Purchased the duo a few weeks back and skin hasn't felt better! The cleanser soaps up just enough, sometimes when they don't it's harder to get into your facial hair. The moisturiser is quite soothing and smells earthy and natural! Ended up purchasing another duo for my brother in law and he loves it. Would highly recommend!

Daniel N.

Love the products. I bought everything including the toothbrush (which I haven’t used yet), but shaving creams and the moisturiser has been amazing

Bryan D.

Excellent product, beautiful feel post shave, no spots or blackheads, no ingrowing hairs. 

Gary B.

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