2018 - 2019 Trend in Men's Skincare

2018 - 2019 Trend in Men's Skincare

Women have dominated the world of beauty for a long time. However, the 21st century came with a surprise and men today are paying attention to their appearance more than ever. As such, the skincare industry has been putting more effort into improving men's grooming products. Here are the latest trends in men’s skincare that are bound to change the industry as we know it: 


There is no secret that Korea is one of the leading innovators in beauty. They are leaders in setting skincare trends for men that have influenced Australia, Europe, and the United States. Korea is rapidly shaping the popularity of concealers, tinted moisturisers, emulsions and toners for men. 


Men have become careful with what they apply on their skin and are very keen to know the processes and the ingredients used to make their products. It’s for this reason that men are now snubbing controversial products that may have adverse effects on the environment. Skincare companies have been compelled to give utmost priority to using environmentally friendly products made from natural ingredients instead of just focusing on sales.


Skincare industries are trying hard to come up with products that are resistant to pollution and direct sunlight that can damage the skin. This has dramatically influenced consumer trends among men. The safety of products is now a paramount feature that most men look out for. 

Men are determined to achieve a radiant complexion by keeping their skin healthy, clear and hydrated. This doesn't just benefit their appearance but also their health and the environment. To tackle all the common men's skin issues, such as razor burn, redness, blemishes, which will makes a big difference to your overall skin health and appearance, check out Native Man® Complete Duo , which have been designed to help men to simplify their skincare routine and to achieve that great skin.

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