3 hottest facial hair trends of the moment to complement your beard grooming products

It might still officially be winter, but with the mercury set to approach 20ºC in Melbourne in the coming weeks, it won't be long before we're flaunting it on beaches the length and breadth of the country. Are you ready for the hotter season? Here's a quick guide to three facial hair trends we think could be popular for summer 2017/18.

1. The Bandholz

Popularised by grooming god Eric Bandholz, this style of beard is reserved for more hirsute men. A bushy style best suited to triangular, oval and diamond shaped faces, if you're brewing a Bandholz you'd better start soon - a full one takes around six months to grow!

2. The uniform beard

Ideal for those who want tidier-looking facial hair, this beard is of a uniform length throughout (hence the name) - often ending in a point around two inches from the chin. Perfect for professionals!

3. Handlebar with a patchy beard

For those feeling slightly emasculate by the hair-growing ability of their peers, this is a perfect solution. Best partnered with longer hair, or fades, it involves keeping the beard patchy (i.e. longer at the chin and close to the skin on the sides) while cultivating a longer moustache. Use wax to curl at the ends if needed.

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