A whole new meaning for the word 'groomsman'

It's a term that came from North America and means a male attendant for the groom at his wedding. He helps the guests find their places before the ceremony - as in bride's family, groom's family, or a neutral observer. 

However, we reckon it should have another meaning for today's world: 'A guy who takes special care of his public appearance'. 

We don't mean that he stands out in a crowd because his bow tie lights up and spins around, or that his socks play 'Waltzing Matilda', often at inappropriate moments.

It's about being noticed in an understated way. For example, after using our Native Man Complete Duo combo, his skin feels clean and detoxified, as youthful as his attitude to life. Thus refreshed and invigorated, he can step out into a crowd and effortlessly stand out from it. Like our product, he seems 100% natural in what he says and does. 

This impression might be made at work or play, or likely both. It will be noted that, although stylishly groomed, he's nothing like one of those attention seeking show ponies you can hear whinnying from the other end of a crowded bar.

Are you ready to be a fresh and vibrant groomsman? Others will surely notice and certainly approve!

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