Easy Beard Maintenance Tips | How to grow amazing beard

Easy Beard Maintenance Tips

Easy beard maintenance tips

Contrary to popular belief, growing a beard isn't just about putting your razor down and letting nature take over. In order to grow a great-looking beard, there are a number of things that you need to do to keep it looking its best, including:

Use beard oil regularly

Washing your beard regularly might keep it clean, but it can also strip away some of its natural oil. To make sure that your beard stays hydrated and soft, apply a beard oil every time you wash it to keep the natural oils in your skin and beard balanced. Beard oil acts as a leave-in conditioner, so it will keep your beard hydrated throughout the day, helping it to grow thicker and shinier. If possible, opt for a natural and organic beard oil such as The Voyager Beard & Hair Oil from Native Man that's free of any parabens, sulfates or silicones, as these can prevent the oil from soaking in and nourishing your beard properly.

Take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of proper beard maintenance. If you continue shaving without prepping your skin first, you could end up suffering from razor burn, irritation, or even infection on and around your neckline. Take your time shaving around your beard, just as you would if you were shaving your entire face. Make sure that your skin is clean before shaving and have a hot shower beforehand to open your pores. After shaving your face, splash some cold water on your skin before applying your beard oil or balm.

Trim it

The hair on your beard does not always grow evenly, so in order to keep it looking tidy and keep the shape that you want, it's important for you to trim it every so often. It's a good idea to invest in a quality beard trimmer with a selection of different attachments so that you can create the shape that you want easily without carving out any accidental bald spots.

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