For men: How to look good for your first date?

For men: How to look good for your first date?

They say the first impression is more important than anything. Of course, you want to look incredibly hot. No kidding. However, this can be hard to achieve at times. Read on to learn how to look hot on your date.


Plan your outfit. Work up a rough idea of what you'll be wearing. As time goes by and you buy new clothes, edit the outfit. Good ideas might be baby blue button-up shirts with brown pants in the winter or fall. Brand names might be good, too.


Pick out cologne. You don't need this, but it works great with the ladies. If you decide you want it, you won't be sorry. The girl will be all over you if it smells good. However, if you put too much on, it might stink, and she won't want anything to do with you!


Try on the whole outfit. Now that you have everything planned out, put it all together. Get into your clothes, put on your cologne, fix your hair. Don't do it sloppily-act like you are going out on the date. Once you're ready, look at yourself in the mirror. Note down any flaws or things to improve the outfit, and make sure you fix them up. This is a very important step-don't be lazy and skip it, you will regret it.


Take a shower before getting ready. Rushing home from school/work and jumping into your outfit can leave you looking red and sweaty. Skip that and take a relaxing but refreshing shower. If your hair looks nice just after it's washed, wash it. If it gets incredibly frizzy after being a wash, wash it the day before and tuck it into a shower cap while you shower. Wash with a nice smelling shampoo, such as the Native Man Natural Citrus Hair + Body Shampoo.


Fix your hair and skin. While you're fresh out of the shower and still in your towel, do a little grooming. Wash your face with Native Man Wash + Shave and dab on some face cream, such as Native Man Moisturiser + Aftershave, brush your teeth, and put lotion on your whole body. It will make your skin nice and soft-perfect for a nice date...Don't rush around, be careful and thorough. You might be excited by now, but just keep your cool-right?



Get ready carefully. The first thing you should do is get into your clothes. Don't do your hair, because that can all be ruined by putting on your clothes. So put on your outfit first, then your cologne. Then do your hair, so it looks good for the date. Just be careful.


Don't wreck anything. Once you're ready, sit and watch T.V or chat to a friend. Don't run about outside or start making food. Be careful, just don't do anything that might wreck any of your hair or clothes. It might be hard, but sitting quietly would be a good option. If you really can't, read a magazine, or chat to a friend on the phone.


Smile. You've probably noticed that even the most physically attractive people are a turn off when frowning. A genuine smile is hard to fake and gives off good vibes and reflect your inner confidence.



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