Skin care routine tips for the 20-something male

Skin care routine tips for the 20-something male

You are in your twenties. It’s a time when you can do anything you like. Be anyone you want. And rock any look. How awesome is that? 

Your twenties is also a good time to start a skincare regime and preserve that youthfulness well into your forties and maybe even fifties. The choices you make now when you’re young will affect you for a lifetime. Make the right ones and it becomes a good habit. Make the wrong ones, and it will turn around and bite you. 

So who are you going to be two decades from now? A David Beckham or Hugh Jackman, ageing gracefully? Or more of a Homer Simpson?

Here are some essential grooming tips for men in their twenties:

1. Slip! Slop! Slap

Lather on the sunscreen when you’re out in the harsh Australian sun. It doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, UV rays will still age the skin. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen on your face, neck and any other part of your body that is exposed to the sun when you’re outdoors.

2. Shave better

Imagine dragging a sharp blade over your skin every morning. If that’s not going to do some serious long term damage to your skin, nothing will. Take the time to prep your skin before you shave. A good close shave involves four key elements:

1. Washing the skin
2. Applying a good shaving cream, balm or oil
3. Cleansing and soothing the skin after shaving
4. Finishing off with a good aftershave

If you are a man-on-the-go as we suspect you must be, then simplify this process into two-steps with a product like Nativeman’s Complete Duo. The folks at Nativeman uses only organic ingredients so it’s ideal for you if you are prone to sensitive skin. 

3. Treat your face to some love

A little moisturiser every day will go a long way at keeping those crow's feet and laughter lines at bay. You can opt for a specific moisturising balm to apply in the morning and night or you can go for a simpler two-in-one process by incorporating it into your morning shaving routine. 

4. Look after your mouth

Just because you think your teeth are in good shape, is no reason to skip a visit to the dentist. Plaque is a silent assassin. You want to make sure you still have teeth when you get to your fifties and sixties. 

Other things you can do include regular flossing and brushing. And a little lip balm during those dry winter months. 

5. Watch what you eat or drink

In your twenties, when your metabolism is at an all-time high, you can literally eat anything you like, but if you don’t start developing healthy eating habits now it will continue to your forties and fifties when your metabolism is sluggish and it becomes harder and harder to shed the pounds. 

6. Get in some exercise

Grab the bike and cycle into town instead of taking the train or tram. Go for a run instead of sleeping in. Get to the gym. Or shoot some hoops with the boys. 

Everything you read about the value of exercise is true. Get into the habit now while you are young and energetic.

In your twenties, everything looks better. Get into the habit of looking after your beautiful 20-something self now and later it will just become a healthy lifestyle choice for you. It’s more than grooming, it’s solid advice.

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