The skin care routine for simple guys

The skin care routine for simple guys

Before you think this might be an unflattering description, bear with us. By 'simple' we're referring to the following dictionary definitions: 'easy to understand' - 'without decoration' - 'natural'. We hope you'll feel good in applying these to yourself, just as we do attach the word, perhaps more than any other, to our products.

Simple also applies to our 100% natural, Australian sourced ingredients; we don't believe that the end result is better just by adding 'discombobulated hydroponic roughage' or some such, and then having to print larger bottle labels to say nothing of advantage. We want your skin to like what we place on it - simple as that.

We even exhibited our confidence in what we had produced by first testing our simple formulae on our closest family and dearest friends; then once that worked okay, on ourselves. Simple priorities, for which bunnies and beagles around the world should be truly grateful.

Finally, we made sure both our products are simple to use: allowing you to wash, shave, repair & moisturise in just a pair of steps, and taking only a couple of minutes. Check out Native Man Wash + Shave and Moisturiser + Aftershave.

Lots of things in your world may be complicated or complex; we could never think that getting ready to face them should be. A simple philosophy delivering natural skincare for men from a pair of uncomplicated guys! 

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