How to: Get acne-free, clear skin in just 4 steps!

How to: Get acne-free, clear skin in just 4 steps!

What man doesn’t want clear and vibrant skin? If you’re not sure what else you can do to keep your face blemish-free, we’ve got you covered with these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Get some real quality sleep!

Sorry guys, but those late nights are doing a number on your skin.

As you sleep, your skin goes into repair and regeneration mode. Not getting a full eight hours of sleep disrupts your skin’s healing process, which can worsen the appearance of blemishes and give you dark under-eye circles.

Not only that, but a lack of sleep can indirectly cause acne by increasing your cortisol levels. Poor sleep habits have been shown to increase cortisol levels, which then triggers the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Step 2: Drink plenty of water!

While it’s almost a cliché, the best thing you can do for your skin is to drink quality water, and lots of it – as much as 13 cups a day (and up to double that in warmer climates). Water flushes your skin of toxins and free radicals, promotes restoration, and keeps skin supple. I like to drink a tall glass of water before each meal and find it helps eradicate excess hunger, which could lead to weight loss. Water is also necessary for getting over a hangover!

Step 3: Find a Skin Care Routine and Stick To It!

There are a lot of men who (still) believe that a daily skin care routine needs to be complicated and lengthy in order for it to be effective. Well, it's not true!

Your skin care routine doesn’t need to be complicated! All you need are the skin care basics that are easy to use, take little time to apply and are designed for regular guys. One of the perfect example is our Native Man Complete Duo , which will helps to take care of everything your skin needs in just two simple, natural products. 



Step 4: Avoid Sugar

A lot of people find this hard, especially for those with a sweet tooth. However, sugar is known to exacerbate acne and cause breakouts.

It’s not just sugar that you need to worry about. Any high-glycemic foods that your body must convert into glucose can cause your insulin levels to spike, which then sends a burst of inflammation throughout the body. 


We know that some of these tips are harder to follow than others - such as avoiding sugar, which is basically in every processed food that we consume on a daily basis.

That’s why we’ve made things easier for regular guys who want to achieve clearer skin. Our skin care system is uncomplicated—because life is complicated enough as it is. Have questions about our skin care products?  Get in touch with us and we’ll answer all your skin care questions.


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