Skincare for men; Is it time for a man-makeover?

Skincare for men; Is it time for a man-makeover?

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of letting stuff go during winter. But as the frost gives way to warmer weather and we shed the layers, take a long, hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself, "is it time for a man-makeover?" 

If the answer is a resounding "yes", then in a nut shell, here’s what needs to be done: 

1. Hair

For the public stuff, i.e. hair on your ears and neck - straight to the barber. Also included in this category are stray nasal hairs and eyebrows. If your barber trims both of these - good for you son! If not, find someone who does.

For the pubic stuff - it’s your call. This is where reciprocity plays a part, do what you would like to find on another.

2. Skin

Don’t use the same soap for your face and body. Facial skin tends to be more sensitive than skin elsewhere, so invest in a decent cleanser. And, yes, you need to moisturise as well.

You may be on your lonesome when it comes to man-scaping, but this step we couldn’t have made any easier for you. Native Man 2 in 1 Wash + Shave - DONE. Followed by Native Man 2 in 1 Moisturiser + Aftershave - NAILED IT.

3. Nails

Short and clean. Get a manicure or pedicure if need be. There’s no shame in it lads, if superstars can do it, so can you.

4. Teeth

It’s an almighty pain in the arse, but so are dental bills. So floss regularly - no one wants to see evidence of yesterday’s lunch or poor dental hygiene. 

There it is - your guide to a simple, no fuss man make-over.

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