3 celebrity skincare tips for men 2020

3 celebrity skincare tips for men 2020

You can probably think of one or more celebrities who don’t appear to have aged a day since you first saw them on screen decades ago. Unlike these stars, you feel as though you are ageing faster as wrinkles continue to creep across your skin. Of course, the A-listers have access to expert makeup artists and stylists, but the fact remains that the ageless look of that male celebrity you keep wondering about comes mostly from his natural skincare routine.

Whether it is Tom Cruise, George Clooney, or Paul Rudd, what brightens and slows the ageing of their skin from head to toe more than anything is their skincare routine. To enjoy the same healthy-looking glow as you age, it's time to invest in a protecting skincare and grooming regime. Here are some products you need in your arsenal:

Pick the right moisturiser

Every male celebrity understands the importance of choosing a natural moisturiser for their cleansing regimen and, more so, a moisturiser that is designed to work perfectly with that cleanser. You can achieve the same with the Native Man Moisturiser + Aftershave to restore the hydration and elasticity of your skin naturally. With the inclusion of a mix of organic Australian botanicals, this product nourishes and smooths your skin not only with natural but also powerful ingredients that control oiliness to leave a matte finish, meaning you won’t appear shiny.

Go for a natural cleanser

Celebrities know to avoid skincare products with unnatural ingredients like the plague. That is a good skincare practice you should emulate to avoid stripping your skin of its essential natural oils. Luckily, our Native Man Wash + Shave is formulated with native botanicals and is your ideal choice to cleanse your skin and shave smooth beyond expectation.

Develop a daily facial hair care regimen

Do you love your facial hair but want to take it from wild to groomed for a noteworthy A-list look? The trick is to pay your beard some TLC regularly, such as combing it daily and using a natural shaving gel and hair oil. With Native Man’s The Voyager Beard & Hair Oil, you can be sure of getting a soft beard, itch-free skin, and moisturised face all in one. Like your favourite bearded celeb, oiling your beard daily will hydrate your skin, tame flyaway hair, and keep your facial hair flake-free and smelling fresh.

It is time to get started with your celebrity skincare routine using Native Man’s range of Australian-made skincare. Contact our friendly specialists today.

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