Male celebrity skincare secret

Male celebrity skincare secret

Men are becoming more open about looking after their appearance nowadays and Hollywood's leading men are heading up the pack. Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise and Jonny Depp all have their skin in great condition despite their ages, with many not afraid to share those tips on their social media platforms. Here is how some of the biggest male celebrities care for their skin.

David Beckham

Renowned for his impeccable skin, David Beckham demonstrated how much he cares about this aspect by launching a men’s grooming line. He borrows his beauty secrets from his wife, chief of which is a lot of sleeping. 

John Mayer

On his Snapchat, John Mayer revealed that he uses a night moisturiser for men. He also posted Instagram pictures of himself opening a package of beauty products gifted to him. To the surprise of many, Mayer’s Instagram stories recently featured a smoky eye tutorial.

George Clooney

One of the best-loved American actors, George Clooney knows the benefits of a dark circle corrector to cover the signs of ageing, and unlike most people, his lips are always protected with a lip balm. 

Male groomer Kumi Graig states that he opts for a bright but natural look without makeup while working with A-listers, such as Chris Hemsworth and Andre Holland, for movie premieres. 

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