Not as funny as Laurel & Hardy...

...but certainly ever bit as much in harmony as The Carpenters. We're talking about the two key ingredients in our products - Kakadu Plum & Lemon Myrtle. A marriage made in heaven (just a pet name for our laboratory) and with no need for a prenup. You can find all the technical stuff elsewhere on our website (here actually), but now we thought we'd just fill in a bit of background info about our two loving partners...

Lemon Myrtle sounds like a silent movie star, but would be a reclusive one, found hiding in the rain-forests of SE Queensland. Her bushes can grow up to 20 feet with glossy evergreen leaves, showing clustering creamy-white flowers, with a strong smell of - well lemon - when crushed, and is praised by experts for her clean and sweet aroma. 

Kakadu Plum is also sometimes called the billygoat plum, and is a native to Australia, in northern tropical woodlands. Perhaps he and Lemon first met in a glade on a still and sultry Queensland evening, she attracted by his carressable flaky bark, how easily his deciduous leaves fall away, and his winningly high concentration of Vitamin C. 

We'll stop there, for reasons of propriety. Suffice to say that their 'off-spring' offers the kind of simple, natural and organic skincare products for men that would make their parents truly proud! Check out the range, HERE!

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