Skin care tips for older men

Skin care tips for older men

As men age into the latter part of their life, self-care becomes more important than ever. You could have a chiseled body, a full head of hair, or a well-groomed beard, but if you neglect your body’s largest organ—your skin—you’ll start to show your age.

Your face is the first thing people notice. It’s your true source of distinction. But, as you grow older, healthy skin is harder to come by. However, if you take care of your skin, you can be the envy of your peers with a fresh and lively complexion.

Adding organic Australian made skincare products to your daily routine is essential. Natural skincare is good skincare and you should always avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin. Here are some other top tips.

1. Don’t wash your face with soap

If you’re washing your face with soap every night before bed—stop now. Detergent-based soap strips your skin of its natural oils and leaves behind a slimy film. A facial cleanser, such as Native Man’s Wash + Shave, is a better choice of facewash for men. Made from native Australian botanicals, this mint-scented foaming gel leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

2. Moisturise morning and night

Following cleansing, moisturising is the next most important step in your skincare routine. As you age, your skin loses its natural dewiness and buoyancy. This can lead to a worn-out, haggard appearance. Hydrating your skin day and night with a lightweight moisturiser will keep your skin looking bright and firm. Native Man’s Moisturiser + Aftershave is non-greasy and leaves a matte finish, so you won’t look shiny. The carefully crafted ingredients contain a mix of organic Australian botanicals to hydrate, smoothen and restore your skin’s elasticity.

3. Take care of your facial hair

Your facial hair is an important part of your look. A well-groomed and oiled beard presents a distinguished appearance. Native Man’s The Voyager Beard & Hair Oil is ideal for softening your beard, eliminating itchiness, and moisturising the underlying skin. Use a beard oil daily to hamper flakiness, promote growth, and prevent split ends.

Most popular men’s skincare for older men

Native Man produces the finest skin care products for older men. Have a question about our products? Have a chat with our friendly team today.

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