The 4 main skin types for men

The 4 main skin types for men

Men come in many shapes and sizes - as does their skin! Identify your skin type to ensure you are caring for it in the right way, with the right products.


'Normal' skin strikes a good balance, with the right amount of both water and lipids. There are very few blemishes and you have a radiant complexion.

To care for normal skin, use a gentle cleanser and daily moisturiser with SPF.


Dry skin can flake or crack and have a chalky appearance. Dry skin is characterised by almost invisible pores, dull complexion, and less elasticity - meaning it is more prone to wrinkles.

Use a rich moisturiser on dry skin, and avoid harsh cleansers which strip skin's natural oils. Anti-ageing products should also be used to prevent lines from forming.


Oily skin has a shiny appearance, and is frequently spotted with blemishes including blackheads or whiteheads.

Oily skin should be cleansed twice daily, and moisturiser should be used - but only of the water-based, oil-free variety.


As the name suggests, combination skin is a variety of the above. Combination skin means you may have an oily T-Zone but dry chin, or vice versa - the possibilities are endless. Combination skin is characterised by overly dilated pores, shiny skin and blackheads.

Use products designed specifically for combination skin, and try to apply heavier moisturiser to only the dry area.

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