Top Picks For Our Must-buy in Australia for Men 2020

Top Picks For Our Must-buy in Australia for Men 2020

"You haven't been anywhere if you haven't been to Australia," they say, and you'd definitely want something tangible in hand to remind you of the times you spent Down Under.

Here are our top picks of distinctly Australian made products that would serve this purpose tastefully... especially for the lucky men in your life!


1. Chocolates

The classic is Tim Tams, however, they are generally available in the USA and UK so you might want to try a few other things that are ONLY available in Australia. And btw – If you are getting Tim Tams, don’t buy them at Australian airport duty-free – as you can pay over $8.00 a packet!

Examples of other treats include many Arnott’s, Cadbury or Allen’s classics that just aren’t available anywhere else except Australia (or Australian themed shops overseas). These include Picnics, Cherry Ripes, Mint Slice, Iced Vovos, Caramello Koalas, Freddo Frogs, Cadbury Furry Friends, or Wagon Wheels.


2. Vegemite

Not everyone loves it, sure. But bringing home at least one jar of vegemite home means that you’ve been to the Land Down Under. Made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract, you only need a small amount of this black Australian spread for your toast to taste good.

Fun fact: Did you know that vegemite is not only eaten with bread and butter? Australians use it in making spaghetti, beef stews, and tomato toast, too!

Where to buy: Woolworth’s
Price: From AU$3.35


3. Kangaroo Jerky

Because you can’t bring home the famous kangaroo and crocodile pizza served at The Australian Heritage Hotel, get your loved ones some kangaroo jerky instead. It is conveniently available in grocery stores and souvenir shops so it won’t be hard to find. This kangaroo jerky is a unique twist to the traditional beef jerky that is more widely available worldwide.

Where to buy: Cole’s Supermarket
Price: From AU$5.45


4. T2

T2 is an Australian chain of specialty tea shops. They have an extensive range of tea available all year round. Why not bring your tea-loving friends a bag or two?

Where to buy:
Price: From AU$17


5. Native Man skincare

From the land that graced us with the presence of the Hemsworth brothers and Hugh Jackman etc, Aussie guys are known to be one of the few sexiest on the planet. While you're (unfortunately) not able to take them back home with you, you can certainly take home a different type of man - Native Man that is. This range of Australian made certified organic, natural skincare range is easy to use and smells amazing too.

Check out the range here


6. Wine from Yarra Valley

Melbourne visitors usually make a day trip to Yarra Valley. Tourists can visit Victoria’s wine growing district for a gourmet tour which includes a variety of wine, cheeses, and chocolates. After the tour, you can get your friends and family some bottles of wine and maybe a bottle for you, too!

Where to buy: Coombe Yarra Valley
Price: From AU$24


7. Kangaroo made leather products

Real McCaul specialises in creating leather goods like wallets, bags, and jackets made from kangaroo skin. Kangaroo leather was proved to be the most durable leather in the world because of the thickness that makes it very unlikely to rip off. If you’re looking for a leather product of high quality, then make sure that the makers used kangaroo leather.

Where to buy: Real McCaul, 77 Memorial Dr Eumundi, Queensland
Price: From AU$29


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