Two great myths of skincare for men officially trashed!

Two great myths of skincare for men officially trashed!

Okay - our tongue is firmly in our cheek here, but nevertheless... Here are two myths we're happy to bust when it comes to male grooming:

1. Folks should be able to smell you approaching from miles away!

You might reckon this to be a teenage boy thing, but sadly some adult guys still do tend to splash it all on a bit too much. We reckon that attraction should be a slightly more subtle process than that! So, rather than drowning yourself in a cologne like 'Reek Of Manhood' (we made that one up), we recommend just two or three pumps of either our Wash & Shave or Moisturise & Aftershave will make you good to go and fresh to smell. 

2. Men's skincare products last forever

When believers in this myth are going on a night out, they delve way into the back of the bathroom cabinet and produce a bottle of 'Millennium Eve' cologne, a one-time Christmas present (we'll let you guess the year). Not a fan of musty fragrances, we actually add an expiry date to our Native Man product packaging. This is because we recommend using all the contents within no more than a year from first opening; otherwise, the important and subtle hints of freshness may just have faded a touch. 

These might be two fairly light-hearted myths, but we're genuine about our commitment to providing simple skincare for men. If you do have any questions about our natural men's skincare range, please get in touch.

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