Welcome visitors to our shores?

Welcome visitors to our shores?

Over the next few months, many Australians' attention will turn to what a past marketing campaign once described as 'The Clashes for the Ashes'. Once England's cricketers have landed on our shores, to the usual kind and friendly welcome, you can soon expect to hear phrases such as 'hard-nosed bowlers', 'abrasive surfaces', 'roughed-up batsmen' and the like.

These expressions might be great for ramping up the temperature for sweat-stained and sinew-strained cricketers, but probably not so much for how you'd want your complexion to be regarded by lovers, friends, colleagues and family. 

Thankfully, natural skincare solutions can moisturise and avoid irritation, making sure the surface of your skin is utterly touchable by the softest of hands, rather than as razor-like as sandpaper left out in the sun. Rather than looking 'roughed-up' even when under pressure at work, or after a long evening's entertainment, your boyish charm (at any age we're all still boys) can still shine through.

Most of our countrymen would admit that former England captain David Gower always seemed cool on the field, but he once admitted that it was hard work to make batting look effortless. With Native Man products, we'd say that it's effortless to look cool. 

Our famed, 2-step system of Wash + Shave and Moisturiser + Aftershave is called The Complete Duo. Let's hope that's also a fair description of our Aussie openers in the battles ahead!

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