What our typical Native Man guy sees when he looks in the mirror

We reckon that the typical user of our Native Man skincare products is a confident soul. Yet not overly so - he doesn't need to put on shades before looking in the mirror each morning, to avoid being blinded by his magnificence. Yet, neither does he have his mirror electronically-programmed to tell him how great he is. So, our man is more Barack Obama than Donald Trump - in both personality and, thankfully, grooming!

Our Native Man guy is subtle in his choice of fragrances, both when using our multi-functional Wash + Shave and Moisturiser + Aftershave. He likes our commitment to natural skincare for Australian men, and doesn't feel the need for his personal smell to enter any room a good while before he does. He draws the best of attention when up-close and intimate, rather than being dressed in a way that screams 'just look at me' from across a crowded bar. 

You know, there's an expression 'An Ordinary Joe' meaning no-one special, someone who doesn't stand out but tends to shrink into a crowd. Well, our guy is called Joe, but he's certainly not ordinary - as you can see by our commercial. We think you'll like our Joe, because you are like our Joe. You're confident in yourself and at ease in your world...

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