Why should you use men-specific skincare products?

Why should you use men-specific skincare products?

While cleansing, toning and moisturising were once thought only to be for women, over the last few years more products targeted at men have hit the market. But while we are seeing more and more men’s skincare products, little is said about the importance of skincare for men.

The truth is, men are prone to the same issues as women when it comes to their skin. Age and exposure to the sun can have a negative impact on the health and condition of their skin, but so can shaving daily, which can be more of an issue for men than women because the face is more visible. 

Using skincare products specifically suited to male skin types can help promote healthy skin and alleviate problems such as ingrown hairs, razor burn and inflammation. Implementing a simple routine such as using a face wash and a moisturiser every day can have positive effects on skin that has been damaged by the elements or shaving, hydrating skin for a more nourished, younger and healthier glow. 

Native Man offers a range of certified, organic skincare for men of all ages. Proudly made in Australia, the range includes products that are suited to men's specific skin types and needs, and which are super simple to use. And because they're organic, they don't contain any nasties that will aggravate skin conditions.

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