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Let's face it - men's skincare can be daunting, complicated and confusing.

Thousands of skincare products out there , each claims to have a different effect for different areas of the face, and are required to be used at different times of the day.

The real question is: Who has the time to spend hours a day in the bathroom, just to make sure their face is presentable?!

Sure, some guys do - models, actors, billionaires etc.. but most of us (the average Joe) don't!

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Why can't we have a more simple, straightforward and effective skincare solution for men?

NATIVE MAN simple solution for men

Currently, the available men’s skincare products on the market have some shortcomings. Specifically:

  • Products are often spinoffs from female or unisex range, with ranges of products too large or remote from men’s lifestyles to be considered for daily use. For example, facial toners, eye cream or facial serums etc present too daunting a range for most men to navigate or commit to.
  • Products available tend to be either lower-end generic products or high-end boutique store range, which are not necessarily accessible for the everyday man.
  • Many products out there incorporate synthetic chemicals, or some potentially harmful ingredients in their formulation. Most men are not fully aware of such ingredients in their skin care products, and many do not understand what the effects of such ingredients would have on their skin health.

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When you look at the products men actually purchase (and use), the result* looks like this:

National online survey on male customer purchasing behaviour with skincare
*Most commonly purchased male skincare items: Australian National Survey 2016, Men, Aged 20 -55.


Native Man offers 2 products that combine the function of multiple products, so that men may be able to conduct a daily facial routine with ease, with only 2 fast and easy steps.
  • Wash + Shave: A product that combines men's face wash and shaving gel for a one-step shower routine.
  • Moisturiser + Aftershave: A product that combines moisturizer and aftershave lotion for a one-step after shower routine.


Simple routine for men's skincare step 1 
Simple routine for men's skincare step 2 Native Man
Simple routine for men's skincare step 3 Native Man
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Why Native Man?

  • Only two simple products to cover all your skincare needs.
  • Pharmacist-developed formula.
  • Suitable for all skin types (oily, sensitive, combination)
  • 100% certified organic and natural ingredients.
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly.
  • Proudly made in Australia.


Certified Australian made, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty free, vegan friendly male skincare


Here's what our customers have to say:

"Natural skincare is challenging enough, let alone trying to find products suited to men's skin. I've tried products from some of the largest manufacturers around and Native Man surpasses them with ease!" Dave K.
"I like the fact that it's simple with just two products - otherwise I get overwhelmed as a man with too many different things to choose from!" Joe D.
"Really love the products! Feels good, looks good and all natural. Best skincare for men, definitely!" Kenny C.

So dudes, it’s time to stop borrowing your lady’s fancy face creams. Your facial aspirations, beardly or otherwise, should be tailored to your dense, whiskered skin. We got you!

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