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2019 Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him

This year, we’ve compiled a best buying guide to giving your best V-Day gift to your beloved man. Here are ome brilliant Valentine' Day gift idea for him that are totally thoughtful and definitely swoon-worthy.

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Natural skincare tips for men

Conventional gender stereotypes suggest that skin care is reserved for ladies. Nonetheless, men are increasingly becoming conscious of their appearance and are putting in the effort to look good. If you take pride in your appearance, then we at Native Man have got your back. Below are simple skin care tips that you can adopt today for healthier skin.

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2018 - 2019 Trend in Men's Skincare

Women have dominated the world of beauty for a long time. However, the 21st century came with a surprise and men today are paying attention to their appearance more than ever. As such, the skincare industry has been putting more effort into improving men's grooming products. Here are the latest trends in men’s skincare that are bound to change the industry as we know it: 

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Like attracts like: Why men shouldn’t shy away from “beauty” creams.

Let’s face it, a man doesn’t want to be seen rubbing cream on his face. A man likes the idea of having craggy lines from the sun-damage that comes from staring down villains at high noon, and the stubble and rash that comes from a hard shave with a knife by a campfire. The romance is real, but so is the damage. Your skin is your largest organ, and it needs care, just as much as your liver does after your mate’s stag-do.

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